Dance Factory (Arlington, Virginia): Lessons & Prices

Lessons & Prices

Group Courses [Schedule]

Enjoy Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Salsa... a good workout, self confidence, and new friends. Each group course meets 45 minutes on the same night for 4 consecutive weeks.

Singles and couples welcome. Change of partners required throughout each class. (This ensures faster learning and avoids getting used to each other’s mistakes. The instructor gets couples back together during the lessons.)

Each group course is $67 per person. Only $59/person if enrolled online before enrollment closes (usually a week before class starts). No refunds or make-ups for classes missed. No long-term contracts, may purchase 1 course at a time.

Ballroom 1: Our most popular courses! “Survival Dancing” made fun and easy. There are 3 courses in Ballroom 1. Pick any course... it doesn’t matter which course you start with:

  • Waltz, Single Swing, & Cha Cha
  • Tango, Foxtrot, & Waltz
  • Foxtrot, Triple Swing, & Rumba

Do 1, 2, or all 3 courses (4, 8, or 12 lessons), yes even all within 4 weeks. The closer you keep them, the better you’ll do! The dances are inter-related to reinforce learning. (Note that Foxtrot and Waltz are the most important dances as they cover the mechanics of dancing, and how to lead, follow and maneuver around the dance floor.)

Ballroom 1 or 2? It’s usually best to start with Ballroom 1. With 12 lessons, it provides a good foundation: lead/follow techniques, timing, dance hold, dancing in line of dance (counter-clockwise), basic steps such as promenades, turns, cross-over breaks, underarm turns, footwork, etc. If you’re keen to enroll in Ballroom 2, taking one or several private lessons is a good option to ensure there’s no gap.

Ballroom 3 to 6: Get ready to take your dancing to higher levels. Discover how to look and feel like a more accomplished dancer. Focus on more advanced steps and form while developing your poise and rhythm.

Salsa 1, 2 ,& 3: Exciting & energetic! Learn the latest steps and Salsa patterns popular at the clubs! Breaks, cross-overs, underarm turns... and more intricate moves as you progress through the levels. Enjoy exhilarating and vibrant Latin music as you start looking like a pro.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are the best way to learn how to dance. You focus on the dances of your choice, and go at your own speed. Whether it’s introducing the basics or covering the most advanced steps, you'll enjoy our patient and professional staff. No additional charge for your partner. Lessons 45 minutes each, by appointment. Email:

Private Lesson Introductory Specials
   5 Lessons: Reg. $445, Special: $387
   (Regular rate of one private lesson is $89)

One-Shot Workshops

Available weekdays and weekends. One-Shot Workshops range from 45 minutes (Express) to 2 hours or longer. Four dance classes (Express Workshops) only $80. Great variety of Express Workshops—Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Slow Dance, and more! SEE MORE INFO/ENROLL

  • Ballroom Express. Learn Waltz, Rumba, Tango, Swing, Cha Cha, and Foxtrot, mainly based on the Ballroom 1 curriculum of the 4-week group courses. Also includes a variety of other dances (Merengue, Viennese Waltz, Bachata, Quickstep, 2-Step, Polka, etc.). Perfect if you want to get started quickly or require a refresher.

  • East Coast Swing. Enjoy dancing at receptions and parties! Learn terrific routines that include fun ’n’ easy steps and turns. Different levels available.

  • Salsa: Beginner, intermediate, advanced levels with an exciting practice dance.

  • Others: West Coast Swing, Night Club, Slow Dance, Lead/Follow, Technique, and more!

Please refer to the above description of Group Courses for the policy on change of partners. Also check out our Couples-Only workshops where there is no change of partners required.

No refund or make-up for a workshop missed. A credit to your account with us will be provided with 24 hours’ notice that you cannot attend a workshop.

Other Lessons

Semi-Private (3 to 30 people) and Off-Site lessons are available for your special event. Email for special rates!